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Purchasing property for investment – even if that property is your family home - requires more than a little skill and experience to ensure your investments perform. Here at EQuidity, we provide unrivalled property investment intelligence, delivered with a degree of emotional intelligence (EQ), that keeps our clients with us for life.


Buying property as an investment can be a fantastic way to create future wealth. However, did you know that very few investors actually enjoy success? With so many different property types and locations to choose from, it’s easier to get it wrong than to get it right.



Our buyer’s advocacy service ensures that you secure the best property available, at the lowest purchase price and on most favourable terms for you. Our excellence in sourcing and securing exceptional properties, whether on-market, off-market, or pre-market is consistent across the purchase of both family homes and investments properties.



When the time comes to sell your property, whether it’s your home or an investment, the objective is always to achieve the best possible return. For us, that means achieving the best possible price at the lowest cost of sale and with the minimum of stress.



Growing up in a family of renovators has helped me to accumulate over 35 years’ experience of property investment. I have flipped, tripped, renovated and developed heaps of properties for myself, and many others over the years.

My ability to identify the very best property investment, for each individual client, at exactly the right point of their wealth creation journey is a skill I’ve finely honed for consistent results.

I assist clients across the full spectrum of property investment options, which is pretty unique in the industry and a differentiator I’m truly proud of. Selecting the right investment type, be it new build, renovation, development or commercial, is critically important in achieving the best possible results, and instrumental in building your wealth through property.

It’s my absolute focus to ensure you have a crystal clear strategy for your property investment endeavours. We safeguard every transaction, and every decision to ensure the best results for you, every time.

If you’d like to be sure that you’re achieving optimum results from your property investments, please talk to me.

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