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Buying property as an investment can be a fantastic way to create future wealth. However, did you know that very few investors actually enjoy success? With so many different property types and locations to choose from, it’s easier to get it wrong than to get it right.

To seek professional independent advice is excellent use of your investment dollars. Your asset selection is critical and if you buy wrong you will lose potential returns. Even if you do make some money, it’s probably just a fraction of what you might have achieved with an alternative property.

We complete many property reviews for our clients on their existing investments, and it’s saddening to see how many have purchased properties that looked so promising but have, and will never, deliver a good result. In this situation, it’s best to cut your losses and move your investment dollars. We sell these properties (though not always easily), for our clients and help them use their money to reinvest in the right property that will deliver results for them. Our philosophy is ‘better late than never’ – if it’s a dud, it has to go!


At EQuidity, we work closely with financial planners and accountants to ensure that the property type, location, investment opportunity, together with the right legal structure and finance strategy are right for each individual client’s needs.

These important decisions are specific to each investor’s personal situation in regard to age, employment, savings, investments, relationships, and retirement goals. We need to fully understand your objectives and the likely investment period to guide you toward maximum return.

We’ll work to ensure you invest in the right type of property at the right time in your life. It’s very important to recognise the time to build an asset base and the time to reap the rewards.

We love talking about property investment strategy and your first consultation is completely free!

Talk to us to understand what you should be buying today and understand the respective merits of positive and negative cashflow investment, when to buy commercial over residential and how to accelerate your results by manufacturing equity through development upsides including sub-divisions, renovations and development.


Garry & Tara are established property investors with a portfolio of 8 properties.


They want to grow their portfolio and are interested to do so by profiting from small residential developments.


Although they are keen to get involved in a development project there is a limit to the funding they can secure due to their existing investment loan levels.


Garry and Tara engaged the professional assistance of EQ. Giles Hill, so regularly reviews clients’ investments that he created his: 1st Class 2nd Opinion service. This is a report designed to review a client’s existing investment, using the same metrics as he uses when selecting his own high-performance investments.

Giles was tasked with reviewing their Garry and Tara’s whole portfolio to establish which properties were performing well and which were underperforming.

EQ Service:

Our First Class 2nd Opinion, is exactly what it says. At EQuidity we strive to be 1st class in everything we do, and our opinion is second to whoever’s opinion led our client to purchase the property in the first place, be it another company’s, another person’s, or their own.

Giles analysed the portfolio of 8 properties, and identified which of Garry & Tara’s investments were performing well and which were not. There were several Queensland investments that had not performed well, even after a decade. When bench marked against high performing properties, it was clear to see why they hadn’t performed and that they were unlikely to ever deliver worthwhile growth.


It was very clear which properties should stay and which should go. Giles was then engaged to assist with the selling down of the poor assets, which in turn, released capital and borrowing capacity that allowed Garry and Tara to progress their first development project.


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