When the time comes to sell your property, whether it’s your home or an investment, the objective is always to achieve the best possible return. For us, that means achieving the best possible price at the lowest cost of sale and with the minimum of stress.

Most people will only buy and sell a couple of properties in their lifetime, and therefore will rely on the services of a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, not all real estate agents are created equally, and their remuneration model typically only incentivises them to get the property sold rather than at the best possible price. But how do you choose the right agent? How do you know who will do the best job for your particular property?

Your EQuidity advisor knows exactly how to choose the right agent and will help you to sell your property for the best price at the lowest cost – and with the absolute minimum time and effort on your part. As buying agents we do not sell real estate, but nobody understands the buyer’s perspective better than we do, so allow us to project-manage the selling process for you, to achieve a successful and stress free sale.


We take on the listing, regardless of your property’s location, and then we follow our tried and tested process to identify the best local agent to work with. We find that insulating personal circumstances from the negotiation process can make the difference of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in the sale price of your home.

We’ll discuss the selling process with you in detail, outlining the different options, negotiation styles, general time line and how you can best structure the contract to suit your particular needs. Using industry data and up-to-the-minute comparable sale prices, we will determine the most appropriate current market value for your property, discuss the profile of prospective buyers and how your property meets their needs. This process gives us a very clear picture of realistic expectations before discussions with local agents.

We will negotiate favourable sale terms with what we believe is the best equipped and most ethical agent, provide them with a detailed brief and agree the marketing strategy and campaign.

Once approved we continue to monitor the agent’s progress, and ensure the campaign is managed effectively.

Finally, once a buyer is agreed, we’ll manage the entire sale for you, right through to settlement.

By combining our extensive experience with those of the finest local agents we consistently ensure success for our clients.


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