Often our starting point with a new client is to review the properties they have already purchased. We review these properties similarly to those the we have purchased for clients ourselves. The popularity of these reviews has led us to create our 1st Class 2nd Opinion service.

First Class 2nd Opinion, is exactly what it says! We strive to be 1st class in everything we do, and our opinion is second to whoever’s opinion led you to purchase the property in the first place, be it another company, another person or your own.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with an objective, professional review of your investment and typically leads to three possible outcomes:

The first is that your investment is excellent. It has performed well, and we believe it will continue to do so.

The second, is that we may indicate your property has only enjoyed a mediocre level of performance but may be worth holding, as better performance could be forthcoming over time. Performance may also be further improved through cosmetic or structural renovation, or on spacious lots, re-development and/or sub-division.

Thirdly, we may indicate that your property has performed poorly, and future performance looks unlikely.  In this situation, we strongly believe it’s best to cut your losses and move your investment dollars. Typically, we sell these properties (though not always easily), for our clients and help them use their money to reinvest in the right property that will deliver results for them. There is little point hanging onto a dud, that prevents you from reaping rewards from a high-performance property.

The action you choose to take based on the report is, of course, entirely at your discretion, however, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your onward investment journey.