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Sadly, Lesley’s husband passed away a few years ago. And once her daughters had their own homes, Lesley decided that it was time to downsize and relocate to the Sunshine coast to have a break from Melbourne’s dreary weather!


Lesley wanted to sell her family home, with a minimum of stress, and of course achieve the best price possible at the lowest cost of sale.


Like most people, (many of whom may only buy and sell one or two properties in their lifetime), Lesley is an inexperienced seller and local agents had been sharking around promising her the earth. Lesley didn’t know who to believe and wanted trusted, unbiased advice.


Lesley engaged the professional assistance of Equidity’s Giles Hill, who is an experienced buyer and seller of property. Giles was referred to Lesley by a close friend.

EQ Service:

Giles used our tried and tested formulae for identifying the most successful local real estate agents of properties similar to Lesley’s. Giles telephone interviewed the principles of each and created a shortlist of the best three.

Each of these were then invited to appraise the property with Giles and make recommendations as to their preferred method of sale, preparation and marketing campaigns together with their appraisal.

Giles takes the ideas of each of the best agents, and together with his own extensive experience, creates the optimum sales campaign. He then engages and works with the chosen agent to ensure that the best possible result is achieved.

Lesley needed no direct involvement with the agent which is exactly what she wanted.


Though it was a challenging time to sell Lesley’s home, the chosen agent excelled, and a great price was achieved, together with settlement terms that suited Lesley.

EQuidity was paid a fixed fee, by Lesley, for the service, which is how we work. In this case, as in most, Giles also negotiated a referral fee from the agent which was more than the fee Lesley paid to Giles. Giles refunded this fee, in full, to Lesley.

It was a great sales result, with minimal stress for Lesley, and absolutely no additional cost to have Giles on her side!

Lesley says: “It was fabulous to have Giles sell my home for me. He is knowledgeable and confident and knows the business of buying and selling property. It was quickly evident that the agents could see that Giles is very experienced and that their normal tactics for securing the listing were not going to work on this one!

Giles ensured that my marketing dollars were spent wisely, and that the property was presented to appeal to the right buyers. The property sold for a good price and with favorable terms. I really couldn’t have got the same result without Giles. I would, and have, strongly recommend Giles to



Garry & Tara are established property investors with a portfolio of 8 properties.


They want to grow their portfolio and are interested to do so by profiting from small residential developments.


Although they are keen to get involved in a development project there is a limit to the funding they can secure due to their existing investment loan levels.


Garry and Tara engaged the professional assistance of EQ. Giles Hill, so regularly reviews clients’ investments that he created his: 1st Class 2nd Opinion service. This is a report designed to review a client’s existing investment, using the same metrics as he uses when selecting his own high-performance investments.

Giles was tasked with reviewing their Garry and Tara’s whole portfolio to establish which properties were performing well and which were underperforming.

EQ Service:

Our First Class 2nd Opinion, is exactly what it says. At EQuidity we strive to be 1st class in everything we do, and our opinion is second to whoever’s opinion led our client to purchase the property in the first place, be it another company’s, another person’s, or their own.

Giles analysed the portfolio of 8 properties, and identified which of Garry & Tara’s investments were performing well and which were not. There were several Queensland investments that had not performed well, even after a decade. When bench marked against high performing properties, it was clear to see why they hadn’t performed and that they were unlikely to ever deliver worthwhile growth.


It was very clear which properties should stay and which should go. Giles was then engaged to assist with the selling down of the poor assets, which in turn, released capital and borrowing capacity that allowed Garry and Tara to progress their first development project.

Garry says: “It was great to have Giles review our property portfolio; we knew that our Brisbane properties were not performing like our Sydney ones. But it was good to have Giles confirm this for us and to clearly illustrate why they haven’t performed and while they are unlikely to in the future. The report provided a lot of detail to the point that we could see that it would be best to sell our under performing properties. Giles was able to take on the listing and by selecting and managing the best local agent ensured that we got the property sold at the best possible price”


Leonard & Ulla, a married couple with two primary school kids, both have well paid jobs in the professional sector. They wanted to buy their own home and already have a Brisbane investment property.


They want to create wealth for their future and know that property is a great vehicle to achieve this. They have shares is their superfunds, and want to directly invest in property.


Leonard and Ulla work hard and when they’re not working, they want to enjoy time with their family and friends, rather than visiting open homes. In addition, they don’t know where or what to buy ,as they are inundated with mixed messages from on-line marketeers.


After engaging the professional assistance of Giles, he worked in association with their Financial Planner who, like Giles, recognised the value of investing for maximum capital growth. For these clients the best strategy is to build an asset base during their working years that will provide an abundant income and options for their future.

Giles illustrated to them the benefits of the proposed strategy, which was to buy an older property close to the Melbourne CBD, with easy access to the railway station and other amenities. The demographic study of the area clearly illustrated the population change taking place in the suburb, that will ensure the value of the property will grow well and outperform the average.

In addition to being in a growth suburb our recommended property also provides the opportunity to manufacture equity. This will be achieved by sub-dividing and building a second dwelling behind the existing home.

This initiative will build significant additional equity in the investment, and in this instance can be achieved without loss of rental income during construction.

EQ Service:

Our was well received by the client. They could see that Melbourne was the best city to choose, and they liked the evidence supporting growth for the suburb. Giles took our client to the area and they were convinced that it was the right place for them to invest.

Giles sourced the property, completed his detailed due diligence, bid at auction and secured the property for them, then continued our service to ensure the property was quickly let.

Giles will now assist Leonard and Ulla with the planning application and once approved will project manage the build for them.


Our client has a large allotment of land in a great location. The value will continue to increase as Melbourne’s population grows. In addition, when they build the second dwelling, they will substantially increase the value of the asset.