Our buyer’s advocacy service ensures that you secure the best property available, at the lowest purchase price and on most favourable terms for you.

Our excellence in sourcing and securing exceptional properties, whether on-market, off-market, or pre-market is consistent across the purchase of both family homes and investments properties.

We believe every property purchase is an investment, and it’s really smart to pay for independent professional advice to ensure you avoid the many pitfalls of property investment. Before you start investing, we’ll help you define your goals and objectives and develop a crystal-clear strategy.



Property investment is complex. Buying the right property in the right financial structure for the right price is fundamental to achieving your investment goals. At EQuidity, we are immersed in the property market and its infinite nuances every day. We help you cut through the growing investment ‘noise’ and give you clear, analytical advice based on our extensive research, market data, and personal experience.

If you know what property you want to buy, we will find you the best of that type in that location. If you not sure, then out strategy service will be invaluable to you, through which we’ll identify what class of property will deliver the best results for your personal needs.

Our extensive experience allows us to consider all property types, including:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Renovation opportunities
  • New builds
  • Development projects

We provide a complete service for all property purchasing, including those with renovation and development potential. We will plan and project manage all works required to update older properties to make them rentable, and assist with renovation, sub-division and/or development of  investment sites to fully exploit their return on your investment.

Trust your experienced EQ investment advisor to guide you and maximise your success.



Acquiring commercial property can provide significant value to an investor strategy.

The rental yield of commercial property is typically much higher than that achieved from residential. In fact, it’s often more than double – and when coupled with the benefits of long term leases, annual rent increases, and outgoings, such as maintenance, rates, insurance, etc., being covered by the tenant, the income generated from commercial property can be a significant advantage when a yield play investment is required.

Commercial property can also provide exceptional capital growth, depending on the location and type of building. At EQuidity, we also purchase commercial properties with upside – that is, the opportunity to increase the value of the asset, and manufacture equity, through development.

The advantages of securing the right commercial property are considerable, however, the potential for error on asset collection is also far greater. Therefore, the need for accurate asset selection is of paramount importance and professional assistance is strongly advised.

Your EQuidity advisor has the experience and expertise to recognise when the benefits of a commercial property will suit your strategy. We know how to find the right property with the right tenants to ensure longevity of leases and strong capital growth. And we’re experts at identifying hidden upsides and helping you harness and fully exploit the opportunities they provide.



For us, every client relationship is a true partnership. We get to know you really well and work closely with you to document every detail that will define your dream home.

We can research your suburb of choice intensively, if you have a definite idea of where you want to live, or research and recommend a number of suburbs that fulfil your desired lifestyle requirements.

What makes us a little different to many agencies is our impressive track record on the investment performance of your property. Just because you are buying a family home, doesn’t mean we should ignore its investment potential. After all, this is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Of course it will be our primary focus to ensure we find you the home that will deliver your dreams, but we will also assess each prospective purchase for its practical layout, skilful design and quality of build – all elements that make a property hold, and increase its value.

For every proposed property, we will evaluate the suburb, the street – even the neighbours – to ensure that your investment is solid. And we’ll be looking to identify areas you can manufacture value and significantly increase your return when the time comes to sell.

It is possible to have a dream home that’s also a rapidly appreciating asset. Why not combine living in luxury and creating wealth for your future? Our experience can ensure that you have the best of both worlds. Live where you want to live and profit at the same time!



Leonard & Ulla, a married couple with two primary school kids, both have well paid jobs in the professional sector. They wanted to buy their own home and already have a Brisbane investment property.


They want to create wealth for their future and know that property is a great vehicle to achieve this. They have shares is their superfunds, and want to directly invest in property.


Leonard and Ulla work hard and when they’re not working, they want to enjoy time with their family and friends, rather than visiting open homes. In addition, they don’t know where or what to buy ,as they are inundated with mixed messages from on-line marketeers.


After engaging the professional assistance of Giles, he worked in association with their Financial Planner who, like Giles, recognised the value of investing for maximum capital growth. For these clients the best strategy is to build an asset base during their working years that will provide an abundant income and options for their future.

Giles illustrated to them the benefits of the proposed strategy, which was to buy an older property close to the Melbourne CBD, with easy access to the railway station and other amenities. The demographic study of the area clearly illustrated the population change taking place in the suburb, that will ensure the value of the property will grow well and outperform the average.

In addition to being in a growth suburb our recommended property also provides the opportunity to manufacture equity. This will be achieved by sub-dividing and building a second dwelling behind the existing home.

This initiative will build significant additional equity in the investment, and in this instance can be achieved without loss of rental income during construction.

EQ Service:

Our was well received by the client. They could see that Melbourne was the best city to choose, and they liked the evidence supporting growth for the suburb. Giles took our client to the area and they were convinced that it was the right place for them to invest.

Giles sourced the property, completed his detailed due diligence, bid at auction and secured the property for them, then continued our service to ensure the property was quickly let.

Giles will now assist Leonard and Ulla with the planning application and once approved will project manage the build for them.


Our client has a large allotment of land in a great location. The value will continue to increase as Melbourne’s population grows. In addition, when they build the second dwelling, they will substantially increase the value of the asset.


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